What Are The Cheapest Universities In USA For Indian Students In 2023?

If you’re an overseas student planning to study at one of the over 1,000 institutions in the United States, affordability may be one of your top priorities. What are the cheapest universities in USA? Are those within your price range? While numerous factors influence your tuition fee, some simple recommendations will help you find the right course at the cheapest university in USA without burning a hole through your pocket. Read on to find out

Cheapest Universities in USA

The United States leads the list of countries with the greatest international student population! The country provides world-class universities, academic freedom, excellent professional prospects, and a plethora of opportunities for a better life. The high cost of college and other fees, on the other hand, deter students from pursuing their dreams and frequently encourage them to rethink their goals.

The most costly universities in the United States can cost up to USD 40,000 per year. Some prestigious colleges charge overseas students tuition of more than USD 90,000 each year. However, there are some affordable universities in USA for Indian students, as well.

Several variables must be considered while selecting the cheapest universities in the United States for international students. Admission costs, global ranking, geographical location, and tuition fees are among these variables.

Though the list of cheapest colleges in USA for international students may not include Ivy League universities in major cities. However, this does not imply that students will not receive a high-quality education at these cheapest colleges in the US. In reality, because of the lower cost of living, a more intimate academic environment, a strong student community, and a higher quality of life are provided by many such cheap and best universities in USA.

Cheapest Universities in USA: Bachelors

There are many cheap universities in USA for international students 2023 offering affordable bachelor’s degrees. International students’ admission criteria differ depending on whether they wish to study full-time or part-time. However, you will usually require a high school diploma or its equivalent, as well as an SAT score.

Here is a list of some of the cheapest universities in USA for Indian students, where you can acquire a good education at a low cost:


Tuition Fees

Popular Programs

Brigham Young University

USD 11,000 to 14,000/year

Electrical/Electronic engineering technology

Mechanical engineering technology


City College of New York

USD 18,600/year


General Studies

Liberal Arts & Sciences

Kent State University

USD $20,799/year

Business administration

Civil engineering

Computer science/

Information systems & Software engineering

Electrical/Electronic engineering technology

Mechanical engineering technology


Minot State University (MSU)

USD $17,421.76/year

Business administration

Education and human services

Health science

Physical therapy

Nicholls State University

USD 12,393.06/year

Business Administration and Management

Health Services, Allied Health & Health Science

Computer Science

Cheapest Universities in USA: Masters

Many people wish to study at the cheapest US universities for international students. But, before we get into the list of cheap universities in USA for masters for international students, it’s vital to understand how tuition prices for affordable master’s degrees in the United States are calculated.

A Master’s degree program in the United States requires students to take a certain number of credit hours, which might range between 30 and 60. The tuition fee you must pay is determined by the number of credit hours you take in that semester.

A list of cheap universities in USA for masters is provided below. For convenience, the average range of fees per year that students have to pay at these most affordable universities in USA, for masters, has been provided.


Tuition Fees for International Students/year (in USD)

Popular Programs

University of Houston


MS in Computer Science

MS in Civil Engineering

MS in Information System Security

MS in Finance

Purdue University


Master of Science in Computer Science

Master of Science in Industrial Engineering

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


MS in Biomedical Engineering

MS in Computer Science

MS in Environmental Engineering (MSEE)

University of Tulsa


Master of Science in Chemical Engineering

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

Master of Science in Engineering Physics

Stony Brook University, NY State University


MS in Computer Engineering

MS in Electrical Engineering

MS in Materials Science and Engineering

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cheapest Universities in USA

How can we choose the cheapest universities in USA for Indian students?

Tuition is one of the most important costs to consider while planning to study in one the lowest cost university in USA. Tuition at public institutions is less expensive than at private universities. The cost of schooling varies depending on the subject. those in the humanities, arts, and education are less expensive than those in engineering and medicine.

Which is the most affordable MS program in the United States?

San Diego State University tops the list of the most affordable universities in USA for an economical master’s degree.

How can I further reduce the cost of studying even if I study at one of the cheapest US universities for international students?

Applying for a scholarship and/or working part-time in the US can help you save money while studying in the UK. While their course is in session, international students are permitted to work up to 20 hours a week.


With its high teaching standards and facilities, the United States is the greatest destination to study. If you want to attend a private institution or university, you will have to pay extra money. As a result, we recommend that you explore public institutions in order to find the cheapest universities in USA for international students. Remember that just because they provide a low-cost education does not imply that it is of poor quality. The majority of institutions’ purpose is to provide a good education at an affordable cost.

It is critical to realize that the costs of your international education are an investment in yourself. While it is acceptable to make some concessions, make sure you understand what is most essential to you so that you have the finest university experience possible.


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