How To Get Student Discount Flights When You Are Going To Study Abroad?

Want to get your study abroad flight ticket without breaking the bank? Take advantage of student discount on international flights! If you are going to study abroad, then it is important to know how to get a student discount when booking your flight. If you don’t, you can end up paying more than you should for your ticket. There are a lot of ways to know the best student discount flights that can help you save thousands of money.

Getting cheap international student flights is not a hard task. You just need to know where to look! Many airlines run sales in the early part of the year, and you can often save a lot of money on your tickets by starting to book your travels early.

Another way to secure cheap flights for students is to use a budget airline. These airlines usually offer a better student discount than a normal airline, and they are usually cheaper to fly, especially during sale periods.

Some airlines also allow students to carry an extra bag. This can be an excellent way to save money on your travel expenses, especially if you are flying will a good load of luggage.

In this article, we will show you how to get student discounts on flights when studying abroad. We will also discuss the best airlines with student discounts.

What Is Student Discount On Flights?

Whether you’re studying abroad or planning a spring break trip, student discount flight offers are the perfect way to save money on your flight ticket. These special deals will help you to travel at cheaper rates for international studies.

There are many airlines that offer special student offers on flights. If you are travelling overseas for studies, you can book tickets with these airlines to avail of discounts. Most airlines offer 10% to 20% off on student flight tickets for certain destinations. All you need to do is show your student ID card, acceptance letter or any other documents while booking the tickets.

If you’re looking for cheap flights, you can also use a site which searches hundreds of travel sites to find the best student travel deals around your desired dates. You can also use online sites to compare student fares from different airlines and see which one has the best price.

Apart from cheap flight tickets, you also need to look for travel insurance when flying abroad for education. With Remigos, you will get the best travel insurance UK plan in one click at affordable rates.

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Best Tips to Get Student Discount Flights

If you’re looking to save money on your next study abroad trip, there are a few different ways that you can go about finding cheap flights. Here are some tips that can help you to save money.

  • Setup Flight Alerts

One of the best ways to get student discount flights is to set up flight alerts. These services will notify you via email or text message when prices for a specific flight go down. They can also show you a comparison between different airlines. Another advantage of setting up flight alerts is that they can alert you to seat sales, error fares, and early booking opportunities. To get instant flight alerts, you need a SIM card with a data plan. With Remigos, you can easily buy UK SIM Card online from your smartphone.

  • Shop From Airline Portals Online

The best way to find cheap flight tickets for students is by searching a variety of sources. These include flight search sites, airlines and travel credit card companies. Many of these sites also have a shopping portal section where you can earn airline miles for your purchases. This will add up to a lot of miles in a short amount of time, so you can often use them for future flights as well.

  • Use Websites Designed To Find The Best Cheap Flights

One of the best ways to find student discount flights is to use websites designed to find the cheapest flights. These websites can be used to compare prices from multiple airlines, so they are useful for locating the best deals on the market. There are many different websites you can use to find cheap study-abroad flights, but some of the most popular include Google Flights.

  • Use Incognito Mode When Searching For Flights

If you want to get student offers on international flights, you should use Incognito Mode when searching for them. This will help keep your search history private and will also prevent other users from seeing the websites you visit. It will stop your browser from saving cookies and other data that can be used to track you online and inflate prices.

  • Use Promo Code To Book Tickets

Airlines and online travel agencies often offer promo code discounts on flight tickets, which can save you a lot of money. They’re like coupon clipping for travellers — all you have to do is enter a few characters in a box at the checkout, and your ticket price magically decreases. The best place to find codes for student discount flights is on the airline’s own website.

  • Join Frequent Flyer Programs

When you’re planning a study abroad trip, you’ll want to be sure that your airfare is as cheap as possible. The good news is that there are many ways to find student discount flights. You should consider joining frequent flyer programs. These are airline loyalty programs that reward customers for their travel habits and can be used to earn rewards such as free airfare.

  • Earn Miles Through Surveys

Another way to find student discount flights is to earn miles through airline alliances. Once you’re enrolled in the program, you can start earning points by booking your flights through their online portals. In addition to earning miles from airlines, you can also earn them by taking surveys online.

  • Use Travel Credit Cards

A good travel credit card can help you make smart purchases without worrying about local currency conversions or unfamiliar cash and coins. You can use these cards to book international flight tickets and get discounts. The best travel credit cards offer great perks like cash back, dining rewards and no annual fees.

  • Book Tickets At The Right Time

If you’re looking to save on your study-abroad flights, there are a few key factors to keep in mind. First, timing is important: booking your flight well in advance will often help you get the best price. You need to book flight tickets at the right time to receive the best student discount flights. These are generally Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

  • Book Flights During Shoulder Seasons

Travelling during shoulder season can be a great way to save money. This is the time of year when hotels and flights are the cheapest. It is also a great time to book student discount flights. In Europe, shoulder seasons are March and April in the spring and September and October in the autumn. They are considered the cheapest months to visit the continent.

  • Book Flights Ahead of Time

Booking flights in advance can help you to save money on your travel costs. However, it is important to remember that flight prices tend to fluctuate at different times, so you should always check for price changes before committing to your booking.

  • Keep An Eye Out For Sales

If you’re looking to save some money on airline tickets, you should keep an eye out for sales. This is an important tip because airfares are always changing. You can easily compare prices online and make your booking at the lowest possible price. Besides, there are certain airlines that offer special student discount flights.

  • Pay With Airline Miles

There are many ways to get student discount flights, but one of the easiest and most effective is by using airline miles. This is especially true if you already have credit card points that you can transfer to an airline’s program. Most airline programs allow you to book award tickets using your miles.

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Best Airlines with Student Discount Flights

If you’re a student, you can save big money by booking flights with airlines that offer student discounts. Here are some of the best airlines that offer flight tickets student discount.

  • Qatar Airways Student Offer

Qatar Airways has launched a new program that offers all kinds of benefits to students between the ages of 18 and 30. The Student Club is an extension of the airline’s Privilege Club loyalty scheme, and it provides significant savings on flights, extra checked baggage, date change flexibility and more.

Membership of the Qatar Airways Student Club is free and easy to join. You can sign up using your college email address or official enrollment document to get student discount flights. Once you’re enrolled, you’ll receive a welcome email with a student discount promo code for 10% off your first flight, 15% off your second and 20% off your third.

  • Vistara Student Discount

The Vistara student discount flights are a good option for people looking to save money on their flights. Students can get up to 10% off their fares when they book via the Vistara website. The offer is valid for students ages 12 and up. However, this offer is only for domestic flights.

If you are travelling internationally, you can enjoy an exclusive extra baggage allowance. You can carry one extra baggage of 23kgs when using the student discount. There are also many other ways to get cheap flights. For example, you can earn 1000 bonus points on referring 5 people.

  • Lufthansa Student Discount

The Lufthansa student discount flights are a great way to save on your travel expenses. This airline offers deals on a wide range of flights to international destinations. With student fares, you can get discounts on flight bookings. Apart from that, international students can also enjoy more baggage (2x23kgs), flexible rebooking and refunds.

Lufthansa also offers a Price Guarantee program, which means that you can cancel your booking online up to 24 hours before departure and receive a full refund. You can also earn frequent flyer points with Lufthansa’s Miles & More program.

  • British Airways Student Offer

The UK’s flag carrier airline British Airways is one of the best airlines to fly with for student discount flights. It’s known for its hassle-free service, convenient flights and competitive prices.

The airline used to offer an annual deal, where students could enjoy a 10 per cent discount on fares in World Traveller Plus or World Traveller flights as well as an extra piece of luggage weighing up to 23kg. However, currently, there is no information available about this offer on the website.

  • Singapore Airline Student Offer

If you’re looking for a world-class airline with some of the best student discount flights, Singapore Airlines is a great option. Its KrisFlyer program offers an extensive selection of flights around the globe that can be redeemed for miles at a fraction of the cost.

Students can also enjoy a 10% discount on fares for stays of up to 12 months, which are valid on Lite, Value, Standard Economy and Premium Economy tickets. They can also receive a waiver of the change fee penalty, although changes must be made to their original ticket.

  • Emirates Student Discount

Whether you are travelling for a school trip or planning a vacation, the Emirates student discount flights can save you money. Using the code STUDENT, travellers can get a 10% discount on Economy Class and Business Class fares. They also receive one free date change until seven days before departure and can take an extra piece of luggage on top of their standard allowance.


The most expensive part of studying abroad is probably the airfare, so finding ways to lower that cost can be helpful. First of all, check your school’s financial aid policies and see what kind of scholarships are available for studying abroad. Next, sign up to email lists for airlines and travel companies that serve your study abroad city and be alerted about flight sales. You can also consider booking your flight with an airline that offers a student discount program or a frequent flyer program. Another thing you can do is, book your flights in advance, as fares tend to increase with time. All these tips will help you to get student discount flights when studying abroad.


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