All about UK Student Working Hours According to Visa Rules

The United Kingdom is one of the top study-abroad destinations and attracts millions of students from all around the world. It is home to some of the best colleges and universities, along with part-time job opportunities. However, before you look for any part-time job, you need to know about the UK student working hours.

UK is among the most expensive countries to live in and study in. This discourages students from choosing UK as a study-abroad destination and leaves them with a great financial burden.

Fortunately, you can ease away the burden by taking advantage of part-time jobs in UK for international students. The UK has some of the best opportunities for students looking to earn some extra money while studying.

One of the most popular ways to work while studying is to do a part-time job in the city you are living in. This can be a great way to meet new people, gain experience and improve your chances of finding paid work in the future.

However, you must make sure that the job is not taking away from your studies. You need to create a perfect balance between study and work in UK. This is important because it can lead to stress, which affects your performance and results in poor grades.

Currently, UK student working hours for Tier 4 visa holders is up to 20 hours per week during term time and full-time during University vacations. Make sure you avoid working outside this limit, as it can breach your visa.

If you are interested in working during your time at a college or university in the UK, this guide is for you. Today, we will discuss the UK student working hours according to visa rules.

Can You Work on a Student Visa in UK?

Yes, you can work part-time in the UK on a student visa while studying. Working in UK is a great way to earn extra money and pay off your education loan. It also provides you with valuable work experience and helps you in networking and gain references.

However, there are several things you need to know before you start looking for a part-time job in the UK. There are some restrictions on the type of work and the student visa UK working hours. So, first, you should check your eligibility to work.

Your visa should outline information about the types of work you can do and UK student working hours. This information will be printed on your visa vignette or BRP (Biometric Residence Permit) card and your visa decision letter. Your visa will also state whether you are eligible to work during a vacation period.

During term time, undergraduate students are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week. It means you can work 4 hours on weekdays. However, you can work up to 40 hours per week during breaks or vacations, i.e. 8 hours on weekdays. A few universities may restrict UK student working hours for certain programs, so make sure to check.

uk student working hours

Benefits of Part-Time Jobs In UK For International Students

The benefits of working part-time in the UK while studying can range from boosting your earnings to developing new career opportunities. You will need to be realistic about how much you can expect to earn and how this will impact your study time.

You will also need to make sure that you are not putting yourself at risk by working too much, as you could find yourself under stress or struggling to keep up with your academic studies. If you want to save money while studying in UK, try Remigos money transfer service to get funds for your tuition fee and living expense. We offer the best exchange rates to help reduce your overall cost of the transfer.

Here are some benefits of working part-time in the UK while studying.

  • Make money while you learn
  • Develop a variety of skills
  • Gain valuable work experience
  • Sample your career choice
  • Improve your English
  • Practice what you have studied
  • Experience local culture
  • Gather work references
  • Build your professional network
  • Make new friends

Part-Time Job UK Student Working Hours Rules for International Students

If you’re studying in the UK as an international student, it’s important to know the eligibility and UK student working hours. Your eligibility to work depends on two things – the rules set by your university and the rules set by state-run official institutions.

You should check with your university whether you can work in the UK while studying and keep to the rules set by them. You need to know about the UK student working hours. Working outside of the rules can impact your visa.

If you want to take on a part-time job for international student in UK, it is important to understand the rules and regulations. This will help you avoid causing any problems with your studies.

Here are some important rules for undertaking part-time jobs in UK while studying.

uk student working hours

Rules about UK Working Hours for Students

  1. During a full-time degree program, UK student working hours is a maximum of 20 hours per week. (4 hours on weekdays and weekend leaves)
  2. During session breaks, UK student working hours are up to 40 hours a week. (8 hours on weekdays and weekend leaves)
  3. You can only work for a maximum of 10 hours per week during language courses (learning German, Spanish, French, or English).

Other Rules

  1. It’s advisable to check with the University before you begin looking for employment. Make sure you follow the rules set by your university when it comes to part-time jobs.
  2. Your age should be above 16 years to undertake part-time jobs in UK while studying.
  3. To be eligible to work, you must have a student visa valid for a UK degree programme (Tier 4 General Student Visa).
  4. Undertaking a freelancing or contract-based job is not permissible for international students.
  5. International students on Tier 4 visas are not permitted to work full-time. You can only work full-time on a post-study work visa.

Types Of Jobs You’re Not Allowed To Do On A Student Visa In UK

Part-time work is an excellent way to earn extra money, as it will help you cover your costs while studying. However, there are certain types of jobs that are off-limits for international students. You need to avoid these jobs while studying in UK.

  • Self-employment
  • Freelancing
  • Initiating a commercial activity
  • Working as a professional sportsperson or sport coach
  • Working as a doctor or dentist in training
  • Full-time permanent job
  • Working as an entertainer

How to Get a Part-Time Job in UK?

If you’re a student looking for extra cash, finding a part-time job while you study is the best option. However, before you undertake any job, make sure you follow the rules about UK student working hours set by your university. Here are some steps you need to follow in order to get a part-time in UK.

Step 1: Start Searching For Jobs Early On

Starting your job search early on is crucial to finding the right position, a good salary and adhering to the UK student working hours. Generally, the best time to look for a job is one month ahead of your preferred employment start date.

Here are the different sources through which you can search for a part-time job.

  1. Online websites
  2. Part-time job search tools
  3. University recruitment team
  4. University job fairs
  5. Local newspapers
  6. Social media
  7. Recruitment agencies
  8. Your network

Step 2: Prepare A Good CV

Your CV is your first point of contact with a prospective employer, so you want to make sure it looks professional and makes an impact.

Step 3: Check Your Contact Details In The CV

When you apply for a job, it is very important to include clear and accurate contact details on your CV. This will ensure that recruiters can contact you easily.

Step 4: Add Work Experience or Extra-Curricular Activities

One way to stand out from the crowd is to add work experience or extra-curricular activities to your CV.

Step 5: Prepare For the Interview

It’s a good idea to prepare for the questions by researching the company in advance and reading the job description closely.

Step 6: Keep Your Social Media Private

If you are searching for a job, it is important to keep your social media private. This will ensure that prospective employers don’t find any negative information about you online.

Part-Time Jobs & Salary In UK for International Students

The cost of education in the UK has become quite expensive, and it is difficult to get financial assistance from home. For this reason, most international students look for part-time jobs to support themselves financially.

There are many types of part-time jobs available for international students in the UK.

Here is the list of best part-time jobs in UK, along with the salary.

Job TypeAverage Annual Salary (GBP)
Call Centre Agent9,000 – 11,360
Student Ambassador9,910 – 11,600
Graphic Designer11,100 – 18, 550
Animal Caretaker12,710 – 14,320
Resident Assistant8,820 – 10,945
Graduate Teaching Assistant13,655 – 17,000
Babysitter10,120 – 13,090
Online Tutoring8,990 – 15,200
Translator9,160 – 12,945
Customer Service Advisor8,260 – 11,000
Library Assistant7,990 – 12,190


With tuition fees rising and student debts mounting, it’s no wonder that students are increasingly looking for a part-time job in UK to supplement their studies. However, there are certain rules and restrictions in place regarding UK student working hours. Currently, international student working hours in UK are up to 20 hours per week during term time and full-time during vacations or semester breaks. The amount of work will depend on your visa status and the rules set by your university. Depending on your course, the university may have stricter working restrictions in place that you need to adhere to. So, make sure you check with your university about the UK student working hours before you start looking for part-time jobs in UK.


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